The Best Nootropics On the Market Today

People know these brain-boosting supplements by different names, such as brain pills, smart pills, or brain supplements. Essentially, these supplements are a combination of a variety of herbs that are believed to enhance memory, focus, retention power, cognitive performance, and even mental health. It is also believed that brain pills are capable of protecting your brain from any chemical or physical injuries, so these smart drugs can be extremely beneficial for your long term health.

In the initial days, these brain-enhancing supplements were introduced for the treatment and prevention of various cognitive illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease. However, with the growth in research on potential effects of these nootropic supplements, many healthy people also take these smart drugs as cognitive enhancers.

Nootropics are 100% natural. These supplements are designed to tap into the beneficial effects of a variety of proven natural ingredients that help users enhance their cognitive abilities in a completely natural way, helping to eliminate brain fog, increase short term memory, focus, and it is shown to improve your overall cognitive performance.

Best Nootropics

How Do Nootropic Supplements Work?

If you have been reading about these brain-boosting smart drugs, you must be aware of the importance of acetylcholine with regards to a variety of cognitive functions including focus, concentration, memory and ability to learn. Simply put, the goal of best nootropic supplements is to enhance the production of acetylcholine. The best brain supplements focus on enhanced production of acetylcholine, which should lead to significant improvement in the cognitive performance of the user. There are also some nootropics that are designed to enhance the creation of alpha waves in your brain, which allows for long-term cognitive enhancement.

Over the past decade, nootropic supplements have gained a lot of popularity. Many businesses have jumped in this industry to take advantage of the growing demand with a huge range of products, often claiming to offer the best nootropics to their customers. Needless to say, not all nootropic supplements available are of high quality or actually work for cognitive enhancement. Some supplements are there to only make money for the owners. Therefore, you need to be careful when buying these supplements and do some research to see the best nootropic option for you.

Luckily, we have done the hard work for you. We have researched the best nootropics available and our research has found the four best nootropic supplements that are the most effective while being completely safe. Here is what you need to know about the four best nootropic supplements for your brain.

The Four Best Nootropic Supplements for Your Brain

1) Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

We can say with absolute certainty that Mind Lab Pro is the best nootropic supplement you can buy today. It is completely natural and it is rightly sold as a universal nootropic, which means it has a positive effect on all the cognitive functions. It is regarded as the best nootropic option on the market for overall mental performance and is shown to improve mental energy and function.

A total of 11 highly acclaimed and well researched ingredients have been included in these brain pills and each ingredient is known to be good at enhancing particular cognitive functionalities. Another important thing you need to know is that these pills do not contain any stimulants, such as caffeine. The performance of these pills is better than all the other brain supplements available.

Mind Lab Pro brain pills are 100% natural and are designed to act on all six of the brain pathway channels to help you optimize your mental energy and power. This is also the reason it is marketed as a universal nootropic for brain function and brain health. Here is a list of the 6 pathway channels of your brain:

Enhanced Blood Circulation in the Brain

It helps in enhancing the blood flow to your brain, which means more oxygen reaches your brain and bloodstream.

Brain Energy

Helps in enhancing your quick thinking abilities by eliminating brain fog and other debilitating effects.

Enhanced Brain Chemistry

Helps in enhancing your short term memory, long term memory, focus, and as processing power.


Helps in slowing down age-related brain degradation that can affect mental performance in older adults.


Helps in enhancing your learning ability and creative thinking ability.

Brain Regeneration

Helps in repairing any prior damage to the brain and its side effects.

Why is Mind Lab Pro the Best Nootropic Supplement?

There are several reasons we have chosen Mind Lab Pro to be the best nootropic supplement in this list.

This particular supplement is a universal nootropic as it works on all six of the brain pathways.

  • It includes 100% natural ingredients
  • It is extremely easy to take as the capsules easily dissolve in your stomach, leading to better digestion
  • There are absolutely no side effects
  • You will get results quickly
  • It also helps in repairing existing brain damage due to free radicals
  • It might also be effective in preventing as well as treating Alzheimer’s disease
  • There are absolutely no preservatives, additives or stimulants in this supplement

2) Noocube


Noocube is a relatively new entrant in the market but that does not mean that it lags behind in effectiveness. There are several reasons we have included it in 2nd position in our list of the best nootropic supplements for improving brain function. It is extremely effective and you can expect to experience the results within 30 minutes of taking the brain pill.

It is made from completely natural ingredients, and all these ingredients have been chosen to boost your cognitive abilities and they may help with other health concerns as well. One of the things we like most about this particular supplement is that the complete list of ingredients is printed on the label. In short, they are not hiding anything and everything is transparent. Also, the label contains dosage specifications. It is designed to have a multidimensional approach which means it focuses on giving an overall upgrade to your mental capabilities and mental performance.

Another thing we like about this nootropic supplement is that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. In simple terms, it means that if you are not happy with the results, you can simply ask for your money back, which may help new users to try this nootropic.

3) Onnit Alpha Brain

alpha brain

Alpha Brain is the name of the nootropic that has been introduced by Onnit. It is one of the best nootropics that includes 10 natural ingredients, including well-known herbs and amino acids. This supplement has been created by some of the most well-known experts in the industry and is among the best nootropics available on the market. The good thing about this supplement is that it does not include any stimulants, such as caffeine, which means you can consume it at any time without having to deal with the jitters that can come with taking too much caffeine. Also, it is highly effective and quick acting, which means you will start experiencing its effects soon after taking it. People can use it anywhere and at any time to give yourself a mental boost.

The effectiveness of this nootropic supplement has been backed by a number of professionals in the field who are amazed by the effectiveness of Alpha Brain on overall cognitive performance, memory, and focus.

4) TruBrain

trubrain nootropics

TruBrain is one of the most unique nootropics on our list. While we have placed it at number four, it does not make it inferior to the other nootropics on our list. It contains a variety of synthetic ingredients which are hard to find in other cognitive enhancer drugs. Even though these are synthetic ingredients, these combine to form a completely unique blend of nutrients, minerals, and functional amino acids. While most of the nootropics sold are available in the form of pills or capsules, this particular supplement is sold in gel satchels, which makes for convenient use.

It is not the only thing that makes it stand out in this hyper-competitive industry. In terms of effectiveness, it is one of the strongest supplements you can buy today. It is extremely effective in terms of providing a memory boost and it allows you to keep your focus on tasks at hand. It also helps you stay alert without the use of caffeine, helping you to focus on one task at a time so you can be your most productive.

Nootropic Supplements – Beginners Guide

You must be wondering the criteria we have used for including these 4 supplements in our best nootropic supplements. At the very least, a nootropic supplement should help you drastically improve your ability to perform routine functions. Here is a list of the criteria we have used to choose these 4 products:

#1) Brand Name and History

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, nootropics are a fast growing industry and many businesses have jumped in the market of nootropics. In fact, Walmart has also stepped in with their own brand. Their brand was later banned as the product and source were not safe. Several court orders have been issued to ensure that no departmental store or drugstore sells a brand of nootropics that has been manufactured by someone without any specialization in it. Many tests conducted on the quality of the product, with the help of DNA barcoding, have brought out the fact that poor quality ingredients were being used in the nootropics sold by the company in the name of plants.

The most important thing people should consider when buying a brain supplement is the brand. We recommend buying brands that have been popular within the wellness industry for at least five years. If a company has been present in this hyper-competitive market for more than five years, it shows that their products are effective and have found acceptance among the user base, which means that their nootropics are healthy and safe for people to be taking.

You should also check out the company’s website and see for yourself what makes their products authentic and whether there is a return policy in place. A genuine seller of nootropics will have several open channels of communication. If you end up buying a product from a store that is not authentic, you should immediately file a complaint with the appropriate authority and make sure to stop using their nootropics. When you are searching for information on the company’s website, do not forget to check for the Certificate of Analysis along with Quality Assurance Certificate issued by an independent laboratory to make sure that their version of nootropics is safe, healthy, and beneficial for your personal use.

#2) Customer Reviews and Ratings

There is no better way to determine the real experience than by reading reviews from customers who have already used a product. Therefore, we always recommend reading reviews, both positive and negative, from people who have used the product in question. These reviews tell you a lot about a particular product in terms of its effectiveness, any issues people may have faced when they used the supplement, and why they stopped taking or continued to take a particular supplement.

All these reviews can help you in figuring out whether a particular product is likely to work for you. It also tells you a lot about the product quality maintained by the company as well as their customer service. During our research, we went through scores of reviews, including sponsored and non-sponsored reviews. Our team of experts went through these reviews (from several sources) with a critical eye to figure out if a particular product is likely to work and whether there are any side effects associated with a particular supplement when used.

#3) Analysis of Facts

As per the guidelines issued by FDA, all the dietary products are required to include information about the ingredients and quantity of those ingredients in the product, even in nootropics. The non-dietary supplements are required to publish nutritional information on the label.

Going through the ingredient content of a particular supplement tells you a lot about the likely effectiveness of that particular supplement. We also went through the quantity of each ingredient present in these nootropics. Sometimes, companies include a particular ingredient in minimal quantity just to have it on the label, but it is present in such low quantity that you do not get any benefit out of it. Therefore, it is important to check the list of ingredients and the effectiveness of each ingredient to determine whether a particular supplement is likely to work for you.

#4) Certifications

The FDA heavily regulates pharmaceuticals, but those guidelines do not apply to supplements. Even when a supplement is associated with some serious side effects, the FDA does not simply ban things. The regulation is done as per the Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

Simply put, the industry is not as regulated as we would like but it does not mean that there are no ways for you to establish the quality of products from a particular company. One of the ways you can do that is by checking the Quality Assurance Certificate. Since dietary supplements are not regulated, sometimes it is too late for people who have been taking those supplements. It is the responsibility of each consumer to make sure they check the Quality Assurance Certificate before buying a particular product.

A Certificate of Analysis is issued by an independent laboratory after performing several tests. The test report shows the potency, quality as well as toxicity of the ingredients in the product. When you are checking the certificate, make sure it has NFS certification or USP verified seal. The manufacturing facility should follow the GMP guidelines which ensures no contaminants are present in the manufacturing facility. All the certifications are required to be renewed regularly and you should check them before buying a particular product.

After going through several nootropic supplements, we have found the above listed four nootropic supplements to be best in terms of effectiveness. The Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplement is our best pick for focus, memory, and overall cognitive function.

Natural Nootropics – Do They Exist, and How Do They Work?

Not many people are aware of the nootropic characteristics of certain common foods. However, many common foods you can buy in the grocery stores and supermarkets have excellent nootropic characteristics, and you should take advantage of these foods. Here is a list of some of the common foods with excellent nootropic characteristics that can help with focus and memory:


Eggs contain choline and it is responsible for production of acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter. As discussed in the beginning, acetylcholine is essential for boosting focus, concentration and memory functions. Choline is naturally produced by the body but in negligible amounts. When you consume a single egg, you get 120 mg of choline that is directly absorbed by the body. The recommended dosage of choline for men is 550 mg per day and for women it is 425 mg per day. It is 450 mg per day for pregnant women and 550 mg per day for lactating women.


It is not only rich in iron, but it is also rich in carotenoids such as zeaxanthin and lutein. These two compounds are believed to help in enhancing the processing speed of your brain, so these two compounds are essential if you’re looking to boost your brain health. In fact, several research studies have also found that higher levels of carotenoids in the body is associated with better memory. The presence of a lutein in the diet of adults has been associated with quick re-collection of stored memories, so this is a great diet addition if you suffer from memory issues.

Green Tea

It is known to be rich in L-Theanine and catechin, and it does not contain too much caffeine. Caffeine can have many negative effects, such as jitters and withdrawal, so it is advised to choose nootropics with a low level of caffeine.

Catechin is an excellent source of flavonols that help in preventing feeling of drowsiness. L-Theanine is known to be a relaxant. It helps in relaxing your brain without any other side-effects. Green tea consumption has been associated with increased connectivity in the frontal and parietal part of brain, which can help one to access alpha waves. Enhanced connectivity in these regions of the brain is associated with better sensory input function as well as better executive function.

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa beans are known to be rich in flavonols which is a type of polyphenol. A lot of research has been done on association between chocolate and cognitive function. These two things go hand in hand. Noticeable consumption of cocoa has been associated with enhanced rate of blood flow to the brain and many experiments have shown that dark chocolate consumption is associated with better cognitive functions.

Fatty Fish

Sardines or Salmon are known as fatty fish due to huge amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in them. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be associated with enhanced brain functioning. These fatty acids have two parts known as the DHA and EPA. DHA is helpful for maintaining neuronal membrane health while the EPA part has anti-inflammatory properties. Astaxanthin is another potent compound typically found in fatty fishes. It is a strong carotenoid which is an antioxidant and helps in protecting brain cells from oxidative stresses and can help to improve both long-term and short-term memory.


Regular coffee consumption helps in keeping disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis away. Some studies have also found that it also helps in preventing early mortality. Caffeine present in coffee helps in improving cognitive function as it blocks the action of an inhibitory neurotransmitter known as adenosine that leads to drowsiness. Caffeine also helps in reducing systemic inflammation in the body. However, too much caffeine can lead to adrenal burnout which refers to a huge spike in energy levels followed by an extensive period of exhaustion.

Nootropic Supplements – Why You Need Them

There is no denying that the brain is one of the most important organs in your body. Your brain is responsible for various daily tasks and this is why you need to keep the brain sharp. However, cognitive functions decline with age, and age also opens up the potential to diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

In addition to the help with age related cognitive factors, businessmen, working professionals as well as students can also benefit from nootropic supplements. These days, everyone requires to be on the top of their game in order to keep moving from one thing to the next. Nootropic supplements can go a long way in preserving and boosting your cognitive functions, focus, and memory. Some nootropic supplements are also designed to provide relief from stress and anxiety.


Stress has a negative effect on everyone including students. Students face a lot of stress these days and taking these supplements regularly can help them in managing their stress by providing essential nutrients to their brain. It will also lead to better focus and concentration, and they will also develop the ability to remember and recall things much better.

Military Personnel

Military life is tough. In the armed forces, there is a lot of stress and you are expected to act fast. Nootropic supplements can help in keeping your head de-cluttered and can help you to retain your focus. It also helps in preventing sluggishness which means you can give 100% at any time of the day.

Working Professionals

Every kind of work demands a lot of mental presence these days. Many research studies have found that it is difficult for an individual to concentrate regularly for more than 45 minutes and when you stretch this time limit, it can lead to stress and burnout. Nootropic supplements offer a better source of nutrition to your brain that can help you manage your stress and retain your focus over a longer period of time.

Scientific Research

While a nootropic is primarily known as the compound responsible for enhancing the mental functions of the brain, it is such a wide category that it can include almost anything that is useful for the brain. Nootropics can be classified into two main categories, including natural nootropics and man-made nootropics.

Natural Nootropics are known to boost the functioning of the brain and can help to prevent damage to the brain. With natural nootropics, more oxygenated blood flows into the brain. Enhanced flow of oxygenated blood means more oxygen and nutrition for brain cells. Since your brain gets all the energy it needs from the glucose that is supplied through the blood, more blood flow means higher energy levels and that shows in better brain functioning.

Neurons are produced in the brain and are known to be replaceable. However, neurons get regularly worn out. By consistently supplying oxygenated blood to the brain, you ensure that your brain is able to keep functioning normally. In fact, think of it as an anti-aging supplement for your brain.

With the energy boost given by the nootropic supplements, your brain starts producing new neurons and it results in better focus, thinking ability, and better memory functions.


Is it safe to take brain pills?

It is completely safe to take brain pills that are 100% natural and made in facilities approved by FDA and GMP.

Is there a best Nootropic for depression?

All high-quality Nootropic supplements are designed to help you get rid of stress and anxiety, which should help with the management of depression.

Is it okay to buy OTC brain pills?

We recommend buying these brain pills from the official website of the company.

Are there any side effects?

While most nootropic supplements do not have any side effects, there are some with side effects. All the recommendations made in this article are completely natural and safe. However, there are supplements available in the market with many additives leading to side effects. Therefore, we strongly recommend only buying the supplements recommended in this article.

Which nootropic foods do you recommend?

We recommend commonly available food such as coconut oil, fatty fish, dark chocolate, green tea, eggs, blueberries and red wine among others to boost your cognitive functions.


After our extensive review, you can see how nootropic supplements provide that extra nutrition to your brain that is needed to be at the top of your game. Your brain is working throughout the day, and like other organs in your body, you also need to take special care of it in order to maintain its health and well-being. Nootropic supplements have been found to be highly effective and safe. Good quality nootropic supplements will not only help you maintain health, but they will also enhance your cognitive functions. These also help in keeping stress away, which is good for your whole body.

Our top recommendation remains the nootropic supplement Mind Lab Pro. It is the best in its class as it is completely natural and highly effective. It is quick acting, which means you should get results and feel the difference pretty quickly.

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