Extenze Review: Benefits, Side Effects, Where to Buy

Whether you are happily married or active in the dating scene, erectile dysfunction and all of its negative side effects can take a toll on your sexual performance. Sex lets men and women connect physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you need something that is proven to work. Someone people may not want to deal with getting a prescription drug. The chosen supplement should live true to its claims and make a noticeable difference in your sexual performance. With hundreds of products promising to improve your sexual performance on the market, choosing the right one isn’t easy. That’s where this male enhancement comes in handy. ExtenZe is promoted as one of the best male enhancement pills on the market today. Is it true? Does this supplement work as advertised? Here is a comprehensive review of ExtenZe – advertised as one of the best male enhancement pills on the market today.


When a man performs poorly in bed, it’s extremely frustrating for him and his partner. Many relationship problems can spring up when a man cannot perform well in bed. Your partner may look elsewhere or become tired of the entire relationship when this happens. But erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be the end of the world for such a person. A study published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/jsm.12179) shows that one out of every four patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction is a young man. The latest statistics reveal that over 40% of men are negatively affected by erectile dysfunction issues by the time they reach the age of 40 and over 70% suffer from the condition when they reach the age of 70. There is no reason for you to quit performing in the bedroom because there are highly effective solutions to this condition.

Many people have been disappointed by fake male enhancement pills available over the counter. Most of these products claim to increase the length of your penis and help you perform better in bed. But most people have failed to achieve any of the results claimed by these products. That’s why you need to rely on a clinically tested supplement that is proven to work effectively. That’s where ExtenZe sets its self apart.

What Is ExtenZe?

ExtenZe is a 100% natural supplement that is designed to help men with a variety of sexual problems. The product has been in the market for over a decade. The supplement has been scientifically formulated for over 19 years by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. The latest product is a highly improved version of the original supplement released a decade ago. The package contains 30 liquid gel capsules to be used for 30 days. Here are some of the many benefits provided by the supplement:

Stronger and longer erections

Increase in penis size

Intense orgasms

Increased libido

Increased stamina for great bed performance

Effective in treating erectile dysfunction and its side effects

Reduces stress and makes you happy

Increases your confidence and self-esteem as a result

ExtenZe doesn’t have any notable side effects like most of the other male enhancement pills on the market today. That’s because it is made using 100% natural ingredients. The most important thing is to drink water once you take the pill. Some people have reported a lightheaded feeling after taking the pill. That’s because it increases your energy levels. No serious issue has been reported after taking the pill. If you suffer from any heart condition, you should consult your doctor before taking the pill. The pill will affect your DHEA production to help you perform better in bed. This male enhancement has been the preferred choice for millions of men for the last 10 years to improve their performance in bed. That’s why you need to try this without further delay. Please do not exceed recommended dosage. Some readers combine Extenze with a semen enhancer such as Semenax.

Does ExtenZe Really Work?

ExtenZe is known to be one of those pills that increases the girth of your penis and enhance pleasure. The pill will increase the blood flow to your penis with its highly effective natural ingredients. The enhanced amounts of blood will rush to the chambers of the penis and give you a larger and firmer erection immediately. The herbal ingredients included in the supplement assist this process on a cellular level. All barriers to blood flow are inhibited by the potent ingredients in the product. The potent contents in the capsules help stimulate the production of DHEA – which is important to produce more testosterone in your body. Testosterone is an important hormone to enhance your sexual performance.

You shouldn’t be fooled by the thousands of male enhancement products in the market that claim to increase the penis size permanently. ExtenZe doesn’t promise such a thing but an increase in size and girth of your penis to perform better in bed. You should always rely on a scientifically proven supplement when investing in a male enhancement product. There is no male enhancement that could increase the size of your penis permanently. Don’t fall for such claims. Look at the science behind the pills before you waste your hard-earned money on a useless product. The natural ingredients in ExtenZe help increase your sexual performance when you most need it. That’s why you need to invest in ExtenZe right now if you need to be confident when performing in bed.

How Does ExtenZe Work?

The secret behind this male enhancement is the increased blood flow into the chambers of your penis. A hard erection is a result of increased blood flow to the penis. There is no other way to get and retain a hard erection for better sexual performance. ExtenZe does precisely that! That’s why ExtenZe is regarded as one of the best male enhancement solutions on the market for more than a decade. The natural and potent herbs of the supplement have been uniquely blended to give the maximum benefits to the user. Although many other products use the same ingredients, the proportion is what matters the most. You cannot improve your sexual performance with an unproven product. ExtenZe is proven to work as advertised by the manufacturer. There are hundreds of positive testimonials from satisfied customers from across the globe.

Many of the male enhancement supplements work by boosting testosterone in your body. But ExtenZe does much more than just increasing your testosterone levels. The supplement helps absorb the nutrients of the herbal components into the bloodstream and carry them to all parts of the body. The majority of sexual issues happen due to decreased blood flow into the lower parts of the body. ExtenZe corrects this abnormality. That’s why it’s so effective in treating poor sexual performance issues.

Who Should Use The Product?

Anyone can benefit from this. But ExtenZe isn’t for everyone. People who suffer from chronic conditions and taking prescribed medications shouldn’t take this supplement. If you suffer from any chronic condition, or you are currently on prescribed drugs, you should speak to a qualified healthcare provider before taking the pills. Athletes shouldn’t take the pill because it affects DHEA. Most sports organizations have banned DHEA. Athletes may be expelled from the sport because they can fail the drug test by taking ExtenZe. Anyone under 18 years of age shouldn’t take this supplement. It shouldn’t be taken with alcohol because alcohol can interfere with the performance of the drug.

How Long Does It Take For It To Work?

Some users have felt the results within hours while some users have felt results in a couple of days. Every individual reacts differently to male enhancement products. Even if you don’t feel anything after a few hours, don’t worry, you will feel the difference within a couple of days. You should take the product for at least three months for the best results.

How To Use ExtenZe?

Make sure you follow the directions of the package when taking ExtenZe. Some people prefer to take the pill empty stomach while some prefer to have it with food. The manufacturer advises taking 1 pill per day for 30 days. The best time to take the pill is in the morning – before or with breakfast as per your preference. Don’t use more than one pill a day because possible side effects include:





Mild diarrhea



Hair loss

What You Should Expect?

The unique pill comes with an extended-release formula. You can expect to have the effects of the supplement during the entire day as well as the night. When taken according to the instructions of the manufacturer, the user should expect:

More energy and sexual drive

Optimal blood flow to the penis

A rock hard erection

Enhanced performance in bed

The user will have a rock-hard erection with a longer and thicker penis. The blend of ingredients in ExtenZe is the secret to your improved sexual performance. That’s why you need to invest in ExtenZe Maximum Strength – the best male enhancement pill on the market today.

What Are The Ingredients In ExtenZe?

This supplement contains 26 natural and potent ingredients. Here are some of the major components in the product:

Yohimbe Extract – Improves arousal, sexual motivation, and ejaculation frequency

L-Arginine Hydrochloride – This is a very potent amino acid to fight erectile dysfunction. It increases sperm count

Ho Shou Wu Extract – This is an aphrodisiac that increases sexual stimulation and blood circulation

Korean Ginseng Extract – Clinically proven to increase erection function and sexual performance

Horny Goat Weed – Transfers nitric oxide to relax penile tissue in order to hold more blood

Damiana Root – Increases the oxygen supply and blood flow into the penis area

Pumpkin Seed – Prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT and stops hair loss

Velvet Deer Antler – Improves your stamina and overall fitness levels

Where To Buy ExtenZe?

The official website is the best place to buy ExtenZe. You will get a 100% money-back guarantee when you buy the product from the official website. Outstanding customer service and free shipping are some of the other benefits you get when you buy from the official site.

How Much Does The Product Cost?

1 box (1 month supply): $59.95 >>Click to add to cart

2 box (2 month supply): $109.95 — Total Savings: $10.00 >>Click to add to cart

3 box (3 month supply): $159.95 — Total Savings: $20.00 >>Click to add to cart

6 box (6 month supply): $309.95 — Total Savings: $50.00 >>Click to add to cart

This product can be shipped internationally.

Final Thoughts

ExtenZe maximum strength has the ability to increase your bedroom performance. The product has been in the market for over a decade and sold over one billion pills. There is more than enough proof to guarantee the effectiveness of this scientifically proven male enhancement pill. Make sure you buy the product right now. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please consult with a medical professional before taking any new supplements, especially if you suffer from any health issues such as heart disease or allergies, etc. This content is for informational purposes only and should not be used as medical advice. All results may vary. Not sold on ExtenZE? Check out the top rated Vigrx Plus.

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