Top 9 Male Enhancement Pills On The Market That You Should Try

For a few decades now, there has been an increase in demand for male enhancement pills. I strongly believe that every guy out there should understand the potential that these supplements have when it comes to boosting male sexuality. So, which male enhancement pills should you go for?

I have gone through lots of different sexual enhancement pills. And, if I’m completely honest with you, I found a majority of them to be bogus. However, several health products do work and can assist in enhancing erection quality, sexual performance, and libido.

Undoubtedly, you need to fix these sexual health issues as soon as possible. For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of 9 male enhancement pills that should rescue your life. I have done in-depth research for each penile enlargement supplement in this list so that I can tell you all that you need to familiarize yourself with before buying these pills. Don’t miss out!

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

I think before I give you my honest reviews for the best sexual health products in the market, it is essential to know what these pills are and how they work. Well, male enhancement pills are basically natural health supplements made to boost your libido, sexual performance, and erection size/strength.

One of the major reasons most men find them useful is that they’re a much safer alternative when compared to prescription drugs like Viagra. What’s more intriguing about them is that they are entirely natural. That means that you won’t undergo any adverse health side effects from using them.

I told you earlier that I have already tried countless male enhancement pills. The frustrating part is that I realized that most of these products consist of useless ingredients. They end up failing to improve your erection quality and sexual performance.

It took me some time to discover the ideal male enhancement pills on the market. To be honest with you chaps, I almost gave up on these products until I discovered nine very effective products that provide quick results. Now that you know enough about male enhancement pills, I’m ready to share with you my best reviews because I don’t want any of you to go through the same trouble.

Top 9 Male Enhancement Pills

Undoubtedly, you want to know which male enhancement pills to go for. We have tested each of these products, so you don’t need to. Check them out!

#1 Rated Sexual Health Supplements – Semenax

I will review one of my favorite semen booster pills known as Semenax. After doing extensive research on this health supplement, this what I discovered. Semenax is basically a natural semen enhancement pill. It generally increases the sperm volume, which means that when you climax, it will be more intense and more prolonged. Yes: it’s good as it sounds.

So, what are the sexual health benefits of using Semenax?

– Increased seminal vesicle fluids, which constitute 70% of your load

– Increased prostate gland fluid, which forms 25% of your load

– Increased seminal plasma, which is the juice that contains your semen

– Increased bulbourethral gland fluid, which makes your loads more jelly-like and thicker during the release

– Improved control of orgasms

– Increased orgasm intensity

– Shoot huge loads of semen

– Increases stamina and sex drive

– Enhances the production of semen

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Lastly, you don’t need the doctor’s prescription to use Semenax. So, how does it work? Like mentioned earlier, Semenax naturally boosts semen production. If a man has a large volume of semen to ejaculate, what comes next is obvious. Simply put, your orgasmic muscles may climax faster and longer.

In general, Semenax functions by toning a huge section of the penile area parts. In other words, it relaxes the vas deferens, the seminal muscles, and the epididymis where your sperms wait until it’s ejaculation time. In a nutshell, Semenax increases the sperms and also eases the movement of sperms. As a result, the user will be vigorous and healthier. Believe me! Although sex is vital, the amount of ejaculation also matters.

2. VigRX Plus

vigrx plus

VigRX Plus is basically a sexual booster pill that has been made to assist men in improving their sexual performance. It has been out there for over a decade because of its popularity among men. VigRX Plus generally increases the flow of blood to the penis tissues. As a result, the penis becomes harder and bigger. The amount of blood in your penis determines its size. The more there is, the harder it will be. Also, the obtain mutual sexual satisfaction when it’s harder.

Based on the manufacturer, VigRX Plus assists to:

– Boost sexual desire

– Give long-lasting and harder erections

– Cure premature ejaculation

– Increase sexual confidence

– Increase sperm count

– Ensure more intensified and frequent orgasms

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It’s great how a single product can perform all the mentioned tasks. So, I had to confirm by doing extensive research if the VigRX company was playing sales tricks. Fortunately, I received the same results. But how does it work?

Since VigRX is basically a herbal supplement, it makes use of natural ingredients. A lot of users believe that it increases sexual stamina and penis growth. What’s more, it improves the circulation of blood to the penis. In turn, this helps in producing powerful erections. Besides, it provides you with increased semen volume and heightened virility. A majority of these herbal aphrodisiacs assist in fighting low sperm count.

It is safe to say that VigRX is generally an all-natural supplement that has, indeed, passed the test of time. Furthermore, it is clinically tested to make sure that the users get what they require without experiencing side effects. VigRX gives you a simple promise. You won’t lose anything by trying, but you’ll have everything to benefit from with their supplements. Therefore, you can give it a go and buy VigRX to enjoy bigger, long-lasting, and harder erection.

3. Max Performer

Max Performer is one of the sexual enhancement supplements that is taking the industry by storm. Max Performer is the flagship product of a particular company known as Silver Blade Nutrition LTD. According to Silver Blade Nutrition LTD, this supplement can help to:

– Enhance stamina and performance

– Increase libido

– Increase sexual pleasure

– Intensify orgasms as well as ejaculation volume

– Increase penis size

– Treat erectile dysfunction

– Give stronger and thicker erections

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Think about it: when it comes to the sex game, no person wants to be a weak player. However, if you are one of them, you don’t have to worry. In only one swallow, Max Performer fixes the many sexual issues you might be undergoing. But how does this natural pill work? The supplement is typically known for reawakening libido and sexual desire. In other words, it supercharges your energy levels so that you can enjoy rock-hard erections and long-lasting orgasms.

In general, this supplement is a high-quality penis enlarger pill. So, if you are seeking a natural daily supplement that will increase your sexual performance, look no further! For those who’re looking for a more immediate solution that works after only 45 minutes, then this supplement is not the right supplement for you. What’s more, Max Performer is accompanied by a free 100-day money-back guarantee. That means that you can use the supplement for up to 90 days without risk.

4. Male Extra

Generally speaking, one of the preferred brands in natural herbal supplements is Male Extra. They apply a specially made formula that was designed to assist in enhancing sexual performance, libido, and sexual strength. Vobue Limited, a company that has its basis in Cyprus, markets Male Extra. Male Extra claims to assist in improving the duration and strength of their erections, preventing the frequency of premature ejaculation, and enhancing the length and girth of the erections.

As aforementioned, Male Extra has a formula that consists of a variety of different ingredients. For this reason, the supplement has a wide range of benefits. If you start using this pill, there are lots of advantages that you could experience. Here are some of the gains that generally interest most men:

– More intense orgasms. After using Male Extra for a couple of weeks, you will probably realize the increase in your orgasms’ intensity. Also, you will likely experience orgasms more frequently.

– Improved stamina and energy. Apart from boosting your energy levels in bed, Male Extra will boost your stamina and energy around the clock.

– Improved confidence. Naturally, improved sexual performance and libido result in confidence in men. Therefore, this supplement can be considered useful when it comes to boosting confidence.

– Harder, stronger erections. When you actually do have an erection, your penis will become much stronger and harder.

– Longer-lasting erections. Due to its ingredients, MaleExtra helps in facilitating blood flow all through the body. That means that your penis will have improved access to blood. That also means that you can have more frequent erections and have them last even much longer.

– More erections. Thanks to its ingredients, this supplement can help men in gaining more erections. Since Male Extra improves libido, you will be horny more frequently. For those men who have difficulties becoming sexually aroused, this pill will prove to be fantastic.

One of the primary reasons that this male enhancement pill has gained so much popularity is because they apply a reliable herbal formula. The formula offers similar benefits, like certain prescription medications – all these without a similar type of side effects. For those who are seeking a safe and effective type of male enhancement, you might want to try out Male Extra.

5. ProSolution

This male enhancement pill is a penis tonic that deals with multiple erection associated problems. Landing Edge Health, a reliable company in male supplementation, manufactures and markets this supplement. Typically, these pills prove to be useful to males who are suffering from:

– ED

– Low libido

– Lack of sexual vigor

– Weaker erection

– Premature ejaculation

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The formulation is made by mixing herbal ingredients that are commonly applied in traditional medicine when it comes to treating different sexual orders. The main thing about this supplement is its secret and distinct formulation, which combines essential minerals, vitamins, and other herbal extracts.

Generally speaking, after using these pills as per recommendation, you can expect the following results:

– An uplift in overall sexual metabolism

– The boost in vigor and libido

– Rock hard and sustaining an erection

– Good control over your release

– Reduced premature ejaculation

And how does ProSolution work? It focuses on enhancing some key aspects such that the entire erection quality and ejaculation is controlled as desired. Its unique herbal ingredients primarily focus on:

– Imparting hormonal regulators to help in improving your sexual attractiveness

– Reducing anxiety and mental stress

– Regulating hormonal signaling to aid intense orgasm

– Inducing a great quality erection

6. ProEnhance

Leading Edge Marketing markets this male enhancement product. Since 2001, the company has been around and is responsible for a lot of products. The product functions by transferring its ingredient via a patch into your skin to achieve its results. Not only is it doctor-approved, but you also require no prescription before you can buy the product. According to the manufacturer, this male enhancement patch is the only doctor-approved product in the market.

In comparison to pills, this penis enlargement patch applies a different system. The product assists in delivering its ingredients into your bloodstream directly via your skin. Also, this type of product is known as a single-layer herbal-infused adhesive.

That means that the herbal ingredients also make up the adhesive that adheres the patch to your skin. Generally speaking, it releases the active ingredients steadily into the bloodstream after about three days of having that patch on your body.

If you use this ProEnhance patch, what are some of the benefits you should expect?

– Better libido

– Better stamina

– Bigger and harder erections

– Intense ejaculations

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As you can see, ProEnhance is one of the products that you should consider when shopping for male enhancement pills. You can forget about ED problems by using this product.

7. Rizer XL

For starters, this product is not made to enlarge your penis. However, it is designed to assist you in wielding your word with much efficiency. It is worth noting that Rizer XL is among those products that are made to be applied as a daily supplement. If taken as instructed, the manufacturer insists that this little magic capsule can significantly minimize episodes of premature ejaculation and increase your sexual stamina. For most men with otherwise great-looking dicks, this might very well be your gold mine.

In other words, Rizer XL is generally a power-packed pill that is often sold in stores and online. That means that you can get help without a prescription. Although I’m usually wary of things like that, I digress. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), after all, doesn’t have a monopoly on great products.

Instead of falling for the hype that this is the ideal supplement only because it aids with premature ejaculation, let me break it all down for you:

– It can be used early in the day without bringing about jitteriness or nausea.

– It’s proven to help, and it works

– There are little side effects

– A 30-day supply accompanies each bottle. That means you will know if or not you like it before you purchase the second round.

– You receive a free money-back guarantee in case the supplements doesn’t work on you.

– It can be applied by lots of people, regardless if they have heart issues or other medications.

– It can be applied with your favorite penis enlargement device or sex toy.

It is no surprise why you can rarely find a negative Rizer XL review. The supplement is generally efficient, natural, and has a long history on the market.

8. Viasil

Viasil is the next supplement on our list. This product is typically a potent and natural substitute for prescription drugs like Viagra. Yeah, that’s right! Viasil is a type of male enhancement pill made to assist those with erectile dysfunction problems.

A majority of people who have used Viasil before, commonly call it the “new and natural blue pill.” These supplements consists of five potent ingredients that start working very fast, within only 20-30 minutes. The supplement is very effective when it comes to fighting erectile dysfunction. However, men who have tried on this supplement have experienced lots of other benefits. By using Viasil, you should expect enhanced libido and energy levels, as well as fuller and stronger erections. Honestly speaking, it is one of the perfect male booster pills on the market without a prescription.

Here’s a list of several pros you should expect from this supplement:

– In general, Viasil consists of high-quality ingredients that make sure that you get hard, long-lasting, and strong erections.

– Viasil male supplement pill consists of a potency formula that provides you with an increased level of sexual desire and libido.

– Viasil facilitates healthy secretions of various sexual hormones. It also supports increased energy levels, especially in the times you need the most.

– By using Viasil, you can get strong and frequent orgasms

– Viasil from Swiss Research Lab provides you with more vigor and vitality.

To reiterate, Viasil is the ultimate treatment when it comes to ED. Viasil generally contains ingredients that are uniquely selected to act on the root causes of ED and, ultimately, increase vitality and energy. Viasil male potency formula generally mixes pomegranate with citrus, and the body often benefits from a significantly higher level of nitric oxide and ATP.

These two, nitric oxide and ATP are responsible for increasing the blood flow into your dick. As a result, you will get long-lasting and rock hard erections. In a nutshell, Viasil provides you with renewed vigor and vitality so that you could enjoy your sex life with the utmost confidence.

9. BlueChew

In 2014, a group of entrepreneurs initiated BlueChew, which is a unique penis enlargers. Their objective was to offer men chewable tablets that could improve their performance and overall confidence in bed; without the usual embarrassment and hassles.

If ED is bringing about distress in your bedroom, one viable option is to cure it with prescription medication. In general, BlueChew allows men to receive chewable tablets of either Tadalafil or Sildenafil delivered as soon as possible. Sildenafil, or Viagra, is the type of male enhancement that usually lasts between 4 and 6 hours. On the other hand, Tadalafil lasts relatively longer – typically more than 18 hours. So, you should choose whichever is best for you.

I’ve outlined some of the key things we prefer about BlueChew:

– Convenience. It usually gets delivered right to your specific door, and there are no appointments or waiting rooms

– BlueChew tabs are typically chewable, and this is a pretty cool distinguishing factor, which translates to quicker results

– A free 30-day trial

– Privacy. There are no conversations with your designated family doctor

– A real physician analyzes your information to ensure that it’s safe for you

– The subscription comes to your home discretely

– Made in the USA


Male enhancement pills have given men everywhere the opportunity to enjoy a better sex life. At this point, you have already realized that male enhancement pills do work. In general, these enhancement pills consist of natural herbs that have been confirmed to work overtime. Undoubtedly, there are lots of users out there who have attained their desired results after using these male products.

With so many enhancement pills to pick from, it may become overwhelming. Beware, guys! There are scams and a few shady companies out there that claim to sell these authentic pills. And, let’s face it! It’s tricky to distinguish the sinners from the saints. Therefore, you should always find an official website where you can order your supplements.

The most satisfying part is that the ingredients applied in these supplements are often naturally-derived. In case you find a supplement that you believe will work for you, buy it! You don’t have anything to lose. If you have been struggling with ed or such problems, the above 9 male enhancement pills should be your first consideration. Hopefully, you find this list useful during your shopping experience.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should always consult a health consultant for health advice.

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