Penis Enlargement

All around the globe men are struggling with inadequate penises. In fact, talking about it is enough embarrassment for most victims, leave alone living with the inadequacies of living with one. But thank God for the world wide web and incognito modes, where everyone is now talking about it and empowering men all over the world, that indeed a small penis doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. Not for you and neither your lovers. Boldly, here’s all you need to know about penis enlargement.

Are You In Need Of Penis Enlargement?

First things first, is there a standard measurement that leads to the conclusion that one’s penis may be small? Most of the time, men arrive at this conclusion simply as a result of peer bullying, jokes, banter, and so on, all of which are detrimental to a man’s self-worth, making him feel like he’s not manly enough.

Another common situation through which victims of small penises discover that this is the case is through sexual experiences. As he has sex, he realizes that a woman’s G-Spot could only be reached if his penis was longer, or the woman herself confronts him about not being satisfied. A woman who has had multiple sexual escapades with different partners, especially those who are heavily endowed, will prove harder to please. Hitting the bull’s eye becomes a problem, presumably because they have ‘had better’. This can be extremely demoralizing to a man’s ego and self-esteem.

Research, on the other hand, shows that the average penis length for a flaccid penis should be around 3.54 inches long and a circumference of about 3.67 inches. When erectile, penises should generally range around 11.66cm in circumference with a length of about 1.23 inches. Furthermore, research proves that 5% of men have a penis longer than 16cm when erect, and on the flip side, 5% have less than 10cm length when erect. Of course, many men would rather have a larger penile length.

Whichever the background from which a man realized that his penis was deficient, the feeling of desperation is the same. Thanks to technology and innovations, there is now a multimillion-dollar industry on penis enlargement and penile augmentation that seeks to help men who are on a quest for bigger manhood. Gone are the days when men had to be demoralized by unsatisfied counterparts, or the days when women had to put up with sexual disappointments. All it takes is the press of a button to have numerous access to a possible solution. Just make sure you choose the best procedure for you that won’t have any side effects. This is highly recommended to speak with your doctor prior to using any type of penile augmentation, surgery, sexual medicine, or procedure to stay in good health and avoid side effects.

What Causes a Small penis?

Now that we have come to know how a man concludes that he has a small penis, here are the causes of a small penis:

• Hormonal Imbalances.

Penis growth is caused by hormones, just like other aspects of growth found in human beings. The hormone responsible for growth is known as somatotropin, and is responsible for the growth of all body parts, bones included. Shortage of the hormone or brain defects that leads to imbalance could result in a small penis along with other body parts.

• Backfired Surgery.

Other times, surgery on the penis as a child could result in interfering with the penile tissues which inhibit proper growth and erection of the penis. A solution to this could be consulting relevant doctors who would spot where things went wrong and revive penis health accordingly before permanent damage.

• Genetic composition

Last but definitely not least, this is the most common cause of a small penis, genetic inheritance. Genes define the growth, outlook, development, and other characteristics of our body parts, private parts included. As the offspring of a man with a small penis, the gene is carried forward. Luckily today, unlike before, penile enlargement is possible, even if the genes were coded to give you a small one.

Why you should opt for Penis Enlargement

Of course, every man with a small penis wants a bigger one. The bigger, the better. In fact, even men with medium-sized penises would want to enhance them into larger sizes. The advantages of male enhancement go beyond this, however, as shown below:

• To rebuild self-worth.

If there’s a valuable thing to be gained from a large penis, it is self-esteem and self-worth. Feeling good about oneself cannot be compared to any other advantage. Self-esteem makes us feel valuable and important. It also makes us happy. Signs of people suffering from low self-esteem are irritability and self-isolation. They lose their temper even on small disagreements, simply because they feel attacked, a habit taken from their lack of confidence in themselves. Lack of a zeal for life can be detrimental to a person’s social life and could even lead to depression and suicide. A small penis could make a partner despise women, and even be violent to their spouse as a way of venting their personal issues. This is very uplifting but you have to weigh the side effects of a penile augmentation procedure or using sexual medicine. At the end of the day your health is whats most important even if your penis may be too small.

• For confidence and enjoyment in Bed

Everyone deserves great sex. A small penis makes a man self-conscious, destroying the whole sexual experience. Some women have claimed that they’ve actually had good sexual experiences with men who have small penises. This is because these men explore other ways to please a woman and end up enjoying themselves. A small penis kills the enjoyment of sex, which is a profound experience, to say the least. To experience it, go for penile enlargement. Surgery is not the only solution. We will review all of the different options many men have used while staying in good health.

• For sexual satisfaction

Women have become empowered, especially in today’s society. They are therefore more forward about sexual matters. This said they are unwilling to put up with sexual dissatisfaction. To avoid losing your loved one over something as temporary as a small penis, simply enlarge your penis. In fact, on the flip side, a small penis reduces contact with the nerves and even you could end up being equally dissatisfied. To avoid either scenario, which has the potential of ruining a good relationship by causing infidelity, seek penile help from your health professional. There are many options that don’t involve surgery or a procedure and limit your health risks.

Penis Enlargement Options

And now to the part that we’re all looking forward to, here is a list and details of all methods to enlarge the penis:

• Supplements (Look for all natural health supplements)

Penis Extenders (Great way to avoid surgery or a procedure)

Male enhancement pills (Extremely Popular and Discrete)

• Penis Pumps (Non-invasive penile device)

• Surgery (Surgery or any health procedure can have complications)

1. Supplements To Increase Penis Size

These are natural products that are used to cure bodily defects and, in this case, to increase the size of the penis. They are quite popular from time immemorial and are naturally obtained from plants and animals, these products tend to be safe to the boy. Their disadvantage, however, is that they are very slow, unlike chemical compounds.

Reviews show that people disapprove of them simply because they don’t work, while a few claim that they do. The best market for these is the online market, which gives a wide array of options as well as their pros and cons, unlike physical stalls. Other times, these will come as nutritional recipes to solve reproductive deficiencies. Whichever the case, personal discretion is advised in their use since supplements have been criticized by some users.

2. Penis Extenders

These are also known as penile traction devices and as the word suggests, are penile mechanical devices used to stretch the penile tissue to make it appear larger. A penis extender is usually used when the penis is flaccid and is usually worn for about six months consecutively, for 4-9 hours each day. An extending frame is usually placed on a flaccid penis, whereby there’s a ring at the head of the penis, and at the base of the penis, then a frame with springs running along the length of the penis (penile length). The wearer adjusts the springs to increase the length of the penis gradually, and after constant use are said to increase the length of the penis by 1-3cm, when flaccid.

This penis enlarger method is a mechanical penile device, making it as safe as they come. Also, scientists have supported the use of this method, claiming it to be actually better than penile surgery is. It is an evidence-based method, therefore assures results. The Urology Care Foundation has, however, come forward to oppose its use, claiming that it is unsafe and defective.

Before using these devices, a doctor has to authorize it, unlike other over the counter and sex shop methods. This is because, before cosmetic use, which is what doctors call penis enlargement for personal purposes, the traction devices were primarily used as mechanical devices to treat a penis ailment known as Peyronie’s disease. This condition, though rare is contracted by middle-aged men, where their penises curve for unknown reasons.

Penis enlargement surgery and procedure is clearly no easy feat and finding the right method comes with a lot of hurdles and thorough research.

3. Male enhancement pills

This is one of the most popular methods of them all, perhaps renowned for its effectiveness and safety to health. These pills, along with lotions are made out of chemical and natural compounds and are said to yield the best results so far. The ingredients used in these are usually a combination of minerals, herbs, hormones, and vitamins which trigger penis growth when consumed in the right proportions.

Customers have mixed reactions about pills, some claiming it works miracles while others barely observe any progression in the size of their penis. Beware that there are original certified pills and counterfeit pills, which could be harmful to your overall health. Despite the stigma associated with pills, with the right supplier, they are a great option to use for penis enlargement.

Health supplements are available for sale online, over the counter in drug stores, and even in sex shops. Some health manufacturers claim that they are purely herbal, just like supplements, therefore, pose no health risk whatsoever. Others go to the extent of saying that some pills not only improve penis size but improve libido, therefore sexual performance. Further than this, some manufacturers now claim that the pills have medical uses and could cure low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Note that all these facts are yet to be proven right or wrong.

Conclusively, male enhancement pills are not license medications therefore nobody knows for sure whether they work or not. In fact, some doctors claim that they work on the Placebo effect which is seeing things simply because you believe the medication is working. You, therefore, start feeling rejuvenated and improving your sexual performance because of a mental shift while in actual sense there is no chemical change in your body fueling this.

One of the common male enhancement pills includes VigRX Plus, which was actually shown to be effective by one study, which is definitely not sufficient to yield conclusive results. Others include Semenax, TestRx, ExtenZe, and Viagra Connect. Their price range is generally from $15.00-$50.00 per pack.

4. Penis Pumps (Increase Length and Girth)

They are also known as vacuum constriction devices (VCDs). These are usually considered the traction devices cousin since most people confuse the two. Besides this, they are both mechanical devices. In this case, a vacuum device is used to make the penis appear larger temporarily. They are used by doctors to treat health impotence and erectile dysfunction, but to no one’s surprise, they are now used as a solution to small penises.

An acrylic cylinder that has a pump is usually fitted over the end of the penis, and a constriction band placed on the opposite end after which the pump and cylinder draw out all air present in the body of the penis. This creates a vacuum, and blood flows in to replace the lost air. Just like the normal way a penis behaves after being filled with blood; the penis enlarges. The constriction bands help the penis main the erection. This device should not remain on a penis for more than 30 minutes as it could result in penile injury.

When using this device, you can either pump using batteries or by hand, depending on the type of pump you have purchased. First ensure that the cylinder has no air to create a vacuum, then draw out air. The constriction band could also be slid on after the penis is erect using a lubricant. Remember to remove the pump after releasing the vacuum, and only retain the band on for a maximum of 30 minutes. There are still debates on the effectiveness of these devices in penis enlargement without any dysfunction, hence contact a specialist before any attempts.

5. Penile Enlargement Surgery

The only time medical practitioners recommend surgery is in the case of a penis size smaller than 7.5cm when erect, at which its referred to as a micro-penis. Penis Enlargement Surgery comes in two kinds:

• Penis Augmentation Procedure

• Suspensory ligament release

a) Penis Augmentation Procedure

A surgeon increases the erect penis size by getting fat cells elsewhere in the body and injecting them strategically into the penis to enlarge it. This method increases the breadth, girth, and length but has been claimed to go at a snail’s speed though effective. It is said to increase the penises size from its normal length to an additional 2.39-2.65 cm but after a period of a tiresome 12 months.

That’s not the worst of penis augmentation. Since these are fat cells in question, they are easily burnt out, reversing the process. This means that you could keep having multiple surgeries which could not only cause swelling and penis distortion, it could ultimately lead to compulsory chopping off of the penis. Right from the frying pan, into the fire! Trying to resolve a small penis, and now there is no penis at all! Imagine the horror! Be sure to do your own research on penis enlargement surgery.

b) Suspensory ligament release

The penis normally contains a ligament that holds the member from the pubic region, supporting it. How far this ligament can go, may dictate how long your flaccid penis can be. This said this type of surgery involves cutting off of this ligament to allow the penis length to change angle thereby increase in erect penis length. It could increase penis size by 1 up to 3cm.

The downside of this suspensory ligament method, however, is that the lack of support by the firm suspensory ligament could make sex frustrating, making a victim choose to have a small penis over a longer one without support. This is because, without the ligament, penetration itself could be an absolute nightmare. The rate of satisfaction also declines immensely, proving this method null and void, to say the least. It has actually been named risky ad defective by the Urological Care Foundation (UCF) and the Urological Association (AUA).

6. Jelqing

This is a mechanical method, where the hand constantly pushes blood in the penis form the base to the head repeatedly, hereby expanding it.

It has been disproved as a painful, scarring, and disfiguring method. It also has no evidence to back it up.

Disadvantages of penis enlargement:

Most of these have been hinted at by the various methods, but in summary, include:

• Swelling especially in surgery

• Bacterial infections

• Erectile dysfunction

• Complete damage of the penile tissues especially when pumps are used.

• Removal of the penis in extreme cases

Living with a small penis:

• Man up.

A small penis length and girth is not the end of the world, so brace yourself and man up! Accept yourself because worse things can happen to you, other than having a small penis. In fact, you’ll soon find out that increase penis is the last thing that would make a good woman stick with you. It is rather about personal character, love, and how you handle issues such as this. Simply put, face your frustrations, accept yourself and move on with life! Don’t let a small penis stand between you and enjoying creation!

• Trim the bush.

A hairy pubic region could give the impression that the penis is even smaller than it appears to cut off the hair to show its glory!

• Love it!

East or west, home is best. Love your penis because, at the end of the day, it’s yours. No one will love it until you do so start adoring it and you’ll find others adoring it too.

• Lose some Weight.

Research has shown that most overweight men, especially those with tummies are the highest victims of small penises. This is because weight affects penis enlargement and visually, gives the impression of a smaller shaft. With simple workouts and some gym time, your penis will feel bigger, and you’ll spot the obvious difference in your sex life.

• Talk to someone.

A counselor or a close non-judgemental friend will do the trick. Talking about issues helps one accept themselves, reduce the extent of the matter to a simple problem, and even helps regain self-esteem after reassurance of self-worth. Most of the time, our discomforts are usually in our heads and as soon as we let go of them by talking about them, they lose their hold on us.

There are ‘small penis’ situations that however need professional advice, specifically if a man is of the right age to be engaging in sex and is experiencing despair from his small penis. A counselor or therapist will help such a person recover and guide on the right steps to take for their discontentment. One of these is a mental condition known as Penile Dysmorphophobia Disorder (PDD). It is a situation where the victim thinks that he has an overly small penis, and everyone else has an overly huge penis, underestimation, and overestimation respectively. In his eyes, all men are better than himself. The result is depression, sexual dysfunction, failure to maintain an erect penis size for long, and obviously bitterness from all these. A counselor helps correct this negative mentality in order to revive their self-image.

Yet another popular one is the Small Penis Anxiety (SPA) which is not as severe as the first but still takes a man’s confidence away. Men with this disorder cannot take their pants off in the presence of other men, even I the urinal, no matter how pressed they may be, simply because they fear being made fun of.

• Communicate with your lover

Your penis size makes you self-conscious simply because of the fear of not being enough to your lover. Create understanding and talk to her. You could be surprised to find that it is actually all in your head, or she could teach you other ways to please her. One thing for sure, this will show that you’re a confident man, open, honest, and willing to throw your defenses down for her!

In conclusion.

Having a small penis can be stressful, but the truth of the matter is that most men have a good penis size but get self-conscious simply from seeing unrealistic penis sizes online or from banter from friends. We can’t all be the same, and having a bigger penis doesn’t mean that a man is better in bed, or even more manly than the man with a smaller penis. This said, kick out psychological disorders by accepting yourself! Those with micropenises, on the other hand, could seek professional help to ease their personal wellbeing.

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