Phallosan Forte Review: Results, Gain, and Where to Buy

Phallosan Forte is a first class medical product and one of our top recommended products we have reviewed.

We all run into challenges in life, especially as we age. One of the most enjoyable experiences in life is love making. While men of all ages experience sexual dysfunction or feel inadequate with what they have, this becomes an increasingly common problem for men who are getting up in years. Something that can increase size and function will be welcomed by both partners. Having a smaller than average penis can lead to some difficulties with love making. It can worsen performance as being smaller makes men more anxious. Typically, it’s from worrying about what their partners think and whether or not they can satisfy them.

Surgical procedures that increase size are highly invasive, come with complications, have a long recovery process, and lead to minimal results. The procedures available to men also cost a lot of money compared to the Phallosan Forte. They claim large results but can’t deliver. You’ve probably been left disappointed by a lot of products over the years, whether it be pills or other pumps. It may be time to go with a company that can make a genuine promise that you’ll see results.

Phallosan Forte Works Over Time

All good things in life take time. While you may see some results right away, like a stronger erection, the full benefits will be reached in three to six months. It’s just like how working out takes a while when it comes to seeing results. It’s the same concept except the machine does all the effort for you. Considering the recovery time and pain that a procedure would cause, it’s certainly a better option. Try a method that’s virtually pain free when used properly and may even get you better results.

Those who use it typically notice their love making improve right away. It’s cool that things just keep getting better and better with continued use.

One thing some may be disappointed by is the amount of time they have to use this device. While it certainly takes a while, it causes almost no discomfort and a lot of men find that keeping it on for eight to twelve hours is well worth the results found at the end. This product will cause a stretching sensation throughout that time period that shouldn’t be uncomfortable, but you will definitely feel it. Considering all the time you’ve spent waiting for a product that works, it really shouldn’t be unmanageable.

Consistency Is The Key

You won’t get any lasting benefit from the device if you don’t keep it up. It’s very encouraging that some effects come quickly after the device is equipped. You will notice little improvements over time. While this device will certainly do its job at making your penis larger, you will need to consider this product in a realistic way. It will not take you from four to eight inches. It can take you up and inch or two and make your girth wider. Many men and women find this perfectly adequate.

Do You Have A Curve?

Curves in the penis are perfectly normal and can actually increase the sexual pleasure of your partner if it’s curved at the right angle. With that, having a severe curve can make sex more challenging and uncomfortable. The Phallosan Forte can help straiten out your penis. This machine has the ability to give an inch or two more to guys with curved penises due to its ability to straiten it out. Notice how curly hair is shorter when it’s at the same amount of inches as strait hair? It’s the same concept.

The correction of a curved penis can take time. A lot of men notice a significant difference in the curvature of their penis after five months. Typically, it will be at its straightest in six months.

No Set Time Limit

The quickness of the results depends a lot on you. If you use the device more than four hours a day, you will notice much faster results than someone who chooses to use it for the four hour minimum. Those who are looking for faster and stronger results have no set time limit on how long they can keep the machine on. With that, most men will find it more comfortable to use it no longer than 12 hours. You may not want to keep it on while you sleep.

Do You Struggle With Premature Ejaculation?

Struggling with premature ejaculation may be an embarrassing problem. You may see that look in your wife’s eye that she’s disappointed. While premature ejaculation isn’t curable, there are ways to improve your sexual performance and leave her with more satisfying results. A great way to keep you both satisfied may be through the use of the Phallosan Forte. The Phallosan Forte has kept its positive reputation for a reason. Men with all different types of sexual issues have found that it has lessened their problem.

It’s important to remember that premature ejaculation is often a psychological problem. Therapy may help as well. Some use otc products such as Extenze or Vigrx Plus. Consider seeking out numbing lube and using thick condoms to decrease sensation. The Phallosan Forte is certainly a great add on!

You Do Not Have To Have A Problem

Are you a stallion in the bedroom? There’s no such thing as being too good at sex. All men will find added benefit to their love life by using the Phallosan Forte. Everyone can be bigger, everyone can be thicker. It’s important to keep the preference of your sexual partner in mind. Those who are larger may not want to be even bigger. As a women, I know there is such a thing as too much. With that, there’s no such thing as too much pleasure. You want to be at the height of your ability to perform to keep her satisfied.

No Need For More Medication

Are you sick of taking drugs like Viagra? Some men take it and experience almost no problem at all. Others take it and feel many side effects that make the benefits from the drug not worth it. Viagra may cause a problem with delayed orgasm. While it certainly will get you hard, there may be no stopping that. An erection that lasts too long can even cause damage to the penis if it lasts more than four hours.

Men who take male enhancement pills may have trouble telling the difference between green and blue. That’s right, it can make you color blind. Beyond that, it can cause blurred vision and sensitivity to light. You may not feel well and get flu like symptoms. Some men experience headaches, dizziness, and an upset stomach. You could end up feeling like your car sick all the time. The Phallosan fort is a perfectly natural alternative that promises to give even better results without the prescription. Plus, there are no awkward encounters with your doctor or pharmacist.


Almost all penis sizes can use this product. With that, an extremely large one or an Extremely small one may not work well with the device. Most men have absolutely no trouble using the machine and enjoy long lasting results. The manufacturer claims that it’s suitable for all sizes. It will almost definitely work with your penis.

Clinically Proven Results

This manufacturer isn’t like its competitors when it comes to promising results. You don’t have to just trust them. They have proven that their product stands up to the task with properly done clinical studies. Why use a product that might work when you can have one that’s been shown to? Most men experience these results:

Flacid Size Increase: Around 2 Inches After Six Months
Erect Size Increase: Almost 2 Inches After Six Months
Girth Increase: About An Inch After Six Months

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It Can Be Used At Night

While Phallosan is certainly discrete enough to be used during the day time, those who wish to receive even better results with the extension it now comes with will want to use it at night. Since there is no time limit that the device can be used for, it’s certainly safe enough to use while you sleep. It’s comfortable enough for those who sleep on their side or stomach. While this device does not hurt, some find it more comfortable to wear at night as it does create a sucking sensation that continues for hours.

Did You Just Have Prostate Surgery?

Those who have undergone prostate surgery may be worried about their sexual function. It’s common for there to be issues in the bedroom even after recovery. Doctors have recommended to their patients to use the patented technology to help them keep their loved lifes happy. Using this device, get an okay from your doctor, during recovery may help reduce some of the issues that can arise after the healing process is over.

Enlarge Your Head

The head of your penis is the most sensitive part and also has the most girth. This penetrates the furthest. Your sexual partner will experience the most friction from this part of your anatomy. The fact that this device can enlarge it certainly makes love making more pleasurable for her. It may also help you feel more friction. The larger your penis is, the more friction you will feel. It certainly increases sexual pleasure on both sides.

The Price Is Well Worth It

Sure, you can find a cheaper male enhancement device, if you want to buy different models over and over again. You’ll end up spending a lot more than its price in the long run. The Phallosan Forte gives men that edge that other products simply can’t deliver. With some men seeing over two inches in growth, it’s certainly worth its weight in gold. It comes in at around $339 and has a $25 shipping fee. Sometimes deals pop up. You may be able to get the model for cheaper. What’s more common is reduced shipping and free add ons.

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Don’t Worry About Your Confidentiality

When ordered from their website, the package comes with no labeling. No one will know there’s a male enhancement device sitting at your door. It’s important to pay attention to the delivery time if you have children that may open the package. As long as you put in the right address, no one will know it has arrived except you and your significant other.

Get Rid Of Your Lack Of Confidence!

Let’s face it, men take a lot of pride out of how they perform it bed. It just feels good when they know they can satisfy a women. Sex matters just as much to women and it’s terrific when they have a partner that can fulfill their needs. Knowing there won’t be a problem will make it so much easier to perform. One of the best things we get out of sex is knowing that we made our partner feel good. It’s the same for both women and men. With you taking on the more active role, it’s more of a task than it is for your partner. Having something that will improve your confidence before hand will certainly help with the performance!

There’s another way to look at it. Women want to make you happy. It can certainly make her feel like it’s her fault if things don’t go as planned. You will both leave the bedroom with a more comfortable and confident feeling. It will allow you to get more out of your relationship and marriage.

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There Are Several Components Of This Device:

Protector Cap

Part of how this device comes with no pain is through the protection cap. Other devices may cause too much tension because they are not built with the proper protections in place.This helps ease the strain of strong tension settings while still producing amazing results.

Tension Clip

This allows you to keep the device in place and pulls the penis to the side so it is discrete. It is attached to straps that help it perform this function. The main function of the tension clip is to help you adjust the tension level. You will know the level of tension being applied as lights indicate what level it’s at.

The Suction Ball And Three-Way Valve

This part helps you control the amount of tension that’s placed on your penis. The amount of tension created will make the product more effective. With that, you can keep it at a lighter amount of tension and get the same result.

It’s Not Complicated

An easy to understand instruction manual comes with it to help with the ease of use. Any and all questions will be answered by the company with a quick email.

You Can Always Return It

The makers of Phallosan are so confident you’ll love it and see results that they have a 14 week return policy. You should see some results by then as many men find that they notice an improvement in sexual stamina and maintaining an erection after the first couple uses. With the clinical trials behind this product, there’s no reason for them to doubt its effectiveness.

Let’s Go Over The Cons

A review simply isn’t fair if the downsides aren’t discussed. It’s important to understand that no solution to any problem in life is perfect. Here are a few things you should consider when it comes to the downsides this product might have:

Sores And Wounds

It isn’t a good idea to use this product if there are surface wounds in your genital area. It is especially dangerous if they are on your penis. You should wait for them to heal before use. Any exposed sore or scab should be considered before using this product. It may make them worse and lead to infection. You should also consider the cons if you can easily become irritated down there.

The Phallosan Forte has its limitations. You should not purchase the product with the hope that you will see dramatic results right away. Some people do not see results when it comes to size for several months. Typically, noticeable results are seen in three months.

Your penis will only become so large. Do not purchase the product with the expectation that you will grow three to four inches. Most men see an inch or two. Remember that size matters, but it can certainly be too much. Also, skill and stamina matter quite a bit more to women. This device can go a long way with increasing the duration of love making sessions. Don’t worry, with continued use you will see an increase in size.

It’s important to consult your physician before use. With that, you do not need a prescription to purchase this device and it’s perfectly understandable if you don’t want to have an awkward conversation. Erectile dysfunction and being unsatisfied with the appearance of your gentiles can be a sensitive topic. If you feel comfortable with having the conversation, it’s always wise to hear what a doctor has to say. Plus, there may be some medical reason that’s causing erectile dysfunction that can be cured.

Most people feel satisfied with what this device can do. A lot of devices promise what this model can give but let you down in the end. The makers of Phallosan Forte aren’t giving you an empty promise. You will be satisfied with the natural results if you purchase the product with realistic expectations. Clinical trails have proven that the men who purchase this product will see results.

Beware Of Scams

Scams are common and many are making an inferior product and trying to pass it on as the Phallosan Forte. It’s because they’re aware that this product has an amazing reputation and delivers great results. A warning sign you should watch out for is a significantly reduced price. Typically, these are knock offs. It is a terrible idea to use one that you think may have been used before. This can result in illness. You should buy this product directly from the manufacturer or a very well trusted third party. Do not purchase this product on Amazon as it is almost always a scam. Your hard earned money could go to an inferior product that is not safe for use. The Phallosan Forte has been on the market for years and was well tested with clinical studies to prove its safety and effectiveness.

Bottom Line

Phallosan Forte is a well trusted device that has been available for over fifteen years. Improvements are constantly being made that have satisfied both men and women alike. Having a satisfying relationship brings couples closer together and keeps relationships strong. Considering the length of time this model has been on the market, men must be seeing results.

You should read all the positive feedback this product has gotten by customers. Men are noticing results and you will too. No product stays this long on the market without giving quality results.

Men are loving that this product doesn’t require a super high pain tolerance to use. It’s designed to be comfortable and can be worn all day. No one will know you’re wearing it as it is discreetly hidden out of sight. Men with almost any penis size can use it and will not be unsatisfied with the results.

If you’re ready for a better experience with your significant other, this could be the ticket. While this machine does take patience, it works! Visit Official Site. Some of our readers love to pair it with Semenax Pills for explosive results.

Remember, good things come to those who wait. Getting older and being less genetically gifted is not the end of the world. You can have a satisfying love life that will bring you both closer together. Those who are eighteen and older can use this product to achieve excellent results. This product is not for and has never been tested by those under the age of eighteen.

Why suffer from the decreased confidence and insecurities that sexual issues can bring when there’s a solution that’s natural and effective? Have you had an experience with male enhancement drugs that didn’t turn out positively or are simply not interested in putting unneeded chemicals in your body? There’s no reason to with this highly effective and safe alternative to both surgery and drugs.

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Frequently asked questions – FAQ

How Long Can You Wear Phallosan Forte?

The studies we researched suggest users can achieve very noticeable results in just 6 months of wearing the extender for 5 hours a day.

Will the Phallosan Forte+ Be Delivered Discretely?

The extender is shipped in a plain box with no graphics or words that suggest the contents of the box. The invoice will have the description “Health Device” and the company never sends unsolicited mail or communications.

Is Phallon Forte Safe?

The company states that the device is worn at the user’s risk, however it is perfectly safe provided proper use.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Studies show that participates who wore the device consistently for 6 months or more achieved permanent results.

How Much Does Phallosan Forte Cost?

The complete Phallosan Forte set costs $339.00 (plus shipping). The set contains everything you need to get started.

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