The Best Testosterone Booster Supplements for 2020

Having low levels of testosterone can make life much more difficult for the average man. Low testosterone levels can cause mood irregularities, aggravate any current mood disorders, and additionally, low levels of testosterone can have a negative impact on muscle mass and sex drive, which can affect a man’s confidence tremendously.

With all of that in mind, we decided to create this guide to discuss the best testosterone boosters that are currently available for men needing to boost testosterone levels for better overall wellness. These natural testosterone boosters are made out of natural ingredients and serve as an effective and natural alternative to some of the supplements that are currently available on the market today.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

Best Three Testosterone Boosters

  1. For men looking for the highest testosterone levels, we recommend Testogen
  2. For men over 40, we recommend Prime Male
  3. For muscle building , we recommend TestoFuel

How We Selected These Products

It was quite difficult to decide between the various testosterone supplements that are available. We asked our readers to give us some insight, and we got a big response about which supplements worked best to help users with sperm count, body fat percentage, performance, and as a way to increase muscle mass.

Our team used the responses, along with thoroughly researching all of the products, in order to provide you with the most accurate and honest reviews so you can know which testosterone boosting supplements are best for you and your specific needs.

Now that you know how important proper testosterone levels are for men, keep reading to find out which product can help you with boosting testosterone so you can look and feel your best. The following is everything that you need to know about Testogen, Prime Male, and TestoFuel.

1. Testogen – The Most Powerful of All the Testosterone Boosters


Testogen is a very popular boost and is proven to be a leading pioneer in the testosterone booster field. We recommend this testosterone booster to you if you have experienced a drop in your libido, have a buildup of body fat around your abdomen, have low moods, or are struggling to build muscle mass. This is one of the best testosterone boosting supplements for overall health and performance, and it works to increase testosterone almost immediately.


The Testogen testosterone booster contains just 11 ingredients that work to naturally increase the levels of testosterone in men.

D-Aspartic Acid (2353mg)

This amino acid makes it possible for your body to regulate and produce hormones. That also means that D-Aspartic Acid can help to enhance testosterone production by as much as 45%, helping you to work out harder, build more muscle, and feel more energized throughout intense workouts. D-Aspartic acid is a common component of many top-shelf supplements.

Magnesium (200mg)

Magnesium is critical for all diets and is contained in most homeopathic supplements. According to studies, people who consume around 750mg of magnesium on a daily basis had an increase of just over 25% in testosterone levels. Magnesium also can help you sleep better, which can increase testosterone levels as well.

Vitamin D3 (50 mcg)

You don’t hear a lot about Vitamin D3, but it can increase testosterone levels in men in significant amounts. It also can reduce the transition of testosterone into estrogen, allowing for men to feel stronger and have more viable workouts.

Nettle Leaf Extract (40 mg)

It is known that testosterone attaches itself to SHBG, which is a protein. When attaching itself to the protein, it does not function in the same way that a free-flowing protein does. Fortunately, Nettle Leaf attaches to SHGB as well, which enables more protein to circulate throughout the body to increase muscle mass and overall health in men.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract (40 mg)

The extract is well-known for improving your mental and physical health as well as your libido. It is a common component of many natural testosterone boosters.

Fenugreek Extract (40 mg)

This is a libido enhancer as well, which allows for men to reap the benefits of boosting testosterone. It is considered to be a natural method forquickly increasing testosterone levels in men.

Vitamin K (20 mcg)

You have probably heard of the health benefits offered by Vitamin K1. It helps with maintaining healthy nails and bones. However, you might not be aware that Vitamin K1 can boost your body’s testosterone levels which is why it’s present in many testosterone supplements.

Vitamin B6 (20 mg)

This is one of the most important vitamins that can be consumed for overall health in men. Studies also suggest that the vitamin is associated with the production of testosterone. If you are suffering from a Vitamin B6 deficiency, that can reduce your body’s levels of testosterone significantly, which leads to many of the negative ailments mentioned above.

Zinc (10 mg)

This mineral is the main component that maintains healthy bodily functions as well as a healthy sperm count.

Bioperine (5 mg) 95% Piperine

It is created out of black pepper and makes it possible for the other ingredients on the list to be more efficiently processed inside your body.

Boron (8 mg)

Boron can be found in everything from fruits to the soil. Although 8 mg might not sound like a lot, it has been proven that even small amounts of this mineral boost the testosterone levels inside the body.

How Does Testogen Work?

One of the major selling points of this product is that all of the ingredients contained in Testogen are natural. The 11 ingredients work to boost testosterone levels safely inside the body. This helps you to make sure that you do not introduce any synthetic ingredients or products into your system.

For individuals who could use testosterone boosting to balance out hormone levels, it is among the safest methods. In order to achieve the results you desire, the company recommends you consume four capsules along with your breakfast in the morning.

Pros and Cons of Testogen


  • Reduces body fat
  • Builds strength
  • Increases focus and energy


  • Some people have reported that this testosterone booster’s price is excessive.

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

Your daily life can be made more difficult by low testosterone levels. Natural testosterone boosters help your performance by working to increase testosterone levels in the body, which directly affects energy levels and libido in men. However, many supplements available in today’s market contain unnatural testosterone and also are known for contributing towards a decline in overall health, which is one thing you want to be sure to avoid.

It has been proven time after time that the product increases the production of testosterone within the body without producing any harmful side effects. Whether you want to improve your mood and sleep or increase your body’s muscle mass, Testogen covers all of the bases and is notorious for being one of the best testosterone boosting supplements on the market.

2. Prime Male – Best Testosterone Booster for Men Who Over 40

Prime Male Natural Testosterone Booster

Many consider Prime Male to be one of the market’s most innovative testosterone boosters, especially for older men. Many years went into developing the ideal boost for men whose diets are lacking in testosterone, leading to lower testosterone levels and the many unwanted side effects. Although similar results can be achieved by eating the right foods and committing to strenuous exercise, trying Prime Male out can save you both money and time while amplifying the effects that come with taking a testosterone boosting supplement.


There are `12 testosterone-boosting ingredients contained in Prime Male.

Vitamin D2

Although the most common way to consume vitamin D is through sunlight, many people are missing out on this essential nutrient. It has been shown in some studies that individuals who have insufficient amounts of vitamin D can have unbalanced hormones and might live shorter lives.

Vitamin K2

We have already discussed vitamin K2 quite a bit already, so we will keep things brief here. Vitamin K can help to balance hormones and is also associated with reduced risk of erectile dysfunction and increased sex drive which can help with your libido, confidence, and performance in the bedroom.

Vitamin B6

Not only does your body contain testosterone and estrogen, but it contains androgen as well. It is considered to be a precursor and works to help with increasing T-levels in the body. Vitamin B6 increases how much androgen is in your body and informs your system to increase its production, which increases your testosterone levels. The vitamin is a mood stabilizer as well and helps to alleviate symptoms related to mood disorders, which is why it’s a common part of many testosterone boosting supplements.


This element can have an impact on your SHBG count. SHBG is a compound that testosterone has a tendency to bind to. Magnesium reduces your SHGB count, which also allows for an increased amount of free-flowing testosterone inside your body. Testosterone supplements have Magnesium as it may help to break down other components of the supplement.


There are many men who suffer from having low zinc levels. Low zinc levels can prevent your pituitary gland from producing and regulating specific hormones. Those hormones may help with stimulating testosterone production, which is important for your performance and overall health. Zinc also helps you to maintain your health by fighting off bacteria and viruses.

D-Aspartic Acid

We have already talked about this one ingredient being an amino acid. Another thing you need to know is that it is also a neurotransmitter. This D-AA component makes it possible for your body to produce more testosterone. Those who suffer from infertility experienced a 50% to 100% increase in their sperm counts.


Ginseng has long been used for its important medicinal properties for libido. It was used by early humans for the beneficial effect it had on the immune system and for increasing the lifespan of people who consume it over the long-term. For those reasons, ginseng is used by Prime Male and for boosting testosterone as well.


This is a very powerful aromatase inhibitor. Due to its aromatase effect, it also may help to prevent the production of excess estrogen being compiled inside your system, which helps to boost testosterone levels.

Mucuna Pruriens

High estrogen levels are one of the main causes of low testosterone levels in men. Mucuna Pruriens is a kind of natural levodopa source, the amino acid that increases testosterone levels as well as human growth hormone within the body. That allows you to more easily add muscle and maintain your strength over time.

Nettle Root

We have already discussed nettle root as a crucial part of any testosterone boosting supplement. It offers many health benefits, so it isn’t surprising that it is included in the Prime Male recipe. The root, which is called nettle leaf otherwise, allows for additional free testosterone to move throughout your system.


The BioPerine contained within Prime Male makes it possible for your body to more easily process nutrients. It also can help your body restore its levels of protein.


Boron positively affects testosterone levels, and it also reduces inflammation while promoting healthy joints throughout your entire body.

How Does Prime Male Work?

Older audiences are targeted by Prime Male. Its goal is to provide its users with similar testosterone levels to what they had when they were teenagers. By reducing estrogen and increasing testosterone levels within the body, Prime Male is able to return the levels back to where they were and is able to promote a healthy hormone balance through its testosterone boosting composition.

Pros and Cons


  • Stabilized mood
  • Improved libido
  • More strength
  • Higher energy levels


  • The dose of ginseng that is contained in this testosterone booster might not be enough to be beneficial.

Why Should I Purchase This Product?

This product should be purchased if you are searching for something that will benefit both your overall health and hormone levels. Prime Male doesn’t just settle for increased testosterone, but instead, they have selected the ideal amount of these ingredients in order to reduce joint discomfort symptoms and to give your immune system a boost so you can feel your best.

3. TestoFuel – Best for Building Muscle Mass


The ingredients contained in TestoFuel have been carefully chosen in order to provide you with the highest possible quality. Whether you are looking to stabilize your mood or increase your muscles, TestoFuel is here to help you.


The formula contains many of the same ingredients that are in Testogen, but there are only nine total ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid

It is not only beneficial for testosterone production, but it is also helpful in producing muscles in your body. In addition, it regulates the luteinizing hormone. This hormone communicates with your body to produce more testosterone. Those who consume the amino acid on a regular basis see a significant testosterone level increase and up to 100% increase in sperm count.

Vitamin D

It is well established that Vitamin D is a supportive agent for producing testosterone. You might consume lots of Vitamin D in your diet already or you may spend a lot of time in the sun, but the Vitamin D contained in this booster will provide your system with the extra kick that it really needs. It has been shown in studies that Vitamin D improves athletic performance and increases testosterone levels.

Oyster Extract

It is well-known for its aphrodisiac properties. Also, oysters contain some of the highest zinc levels that can be found in food. Zinc is among the most beneficial ingredients contained in TestoFuel since it promotes healthy reproductive function and a healthy prostate.


This is found in the other boosters on our list. Ginseng is a proven powerhouse in terms of improving the body’s testosterone levels. Beyond that, ginseng also helps to increase your libido and improve your immune system. It is also appealing due to the impact it has on your cognitive ability. Ginseng can help with your sleeping patterns and allow you to be more focused. Ginseng increases your body’s nitric acid levels, and that helps to build muscle and promote fat breakdown.


Were you aware that fenugreek comes from a Mediterranean environment? Fenugreek and ginseng are commonly found together in many hormone supplements since they have intertwining properties that work together to boost your health. The ingredient is loaded with some other nutrients on our list, including magnesium and zinc. It contains selenium as well. Those three ingredients allow for increased amounts of free-roaming testosterone. It has been proven that even tiny amounts of fenugreek increase free-roaming testosterone, which allows the this hormone to be highly effective.


We have discussed the benefits that magnesium has on the body already. However, there is much more to this mineral. It helps to produce and regulate a number of different enzymes within the body. Therefore, it also helps with maintaining a healthy heart, bones, and brain. By improving enzyme regulation, it also boosts your metabolism as well so you can stay healthy enough to power through intense workouts.

Vitamin B6

The vitamin is also called pyridoxine. This nutrient is essential for those wanting to improve their daily lives. It positively affects your hormones and promotes healthy liver, skin, eyes, and hair as well. Your hemoglobin is also impacted by Vitamin B6 by regulating it and enabling blood to be more easily transported throughout your system. Including Vitamin B6 in TestoFuel proves that its goal is to improve your overall health and not simply balancing your hormone levels.

Vitamin K2

The vitamin is also referred to as menaquinone. It is one of the highest points of pride in the TestoFuel recipe. The vitamin is found most commonly in high-protein organs and meats. The benefit to consuming vitamin K2 as part of TestoFeul is you are able to experience all of the benefits that it provides without having to consume high-fat levels that are found within meat. When vitamin K2 is combined with vitamin D3, it doubles the testosterone production levels in your body. This hormone is more easily released into your body. Some individuals have experienced significant increases in these hormones in only five weeks after they start to consume vitamin K2.


This mineral is among the best ways of boosting your body’s testosterone levels. The mineral informs your body that production of this hormone needs to be increased.

How Does TestoFuel Work?

This product is not made with testosterone, but the various ingredients contained in it have proven to help with producing and maintaining the body’s testosterone. For many people, it is a better option compared to synthetic options that are available in the marketplace, which are loaded with possible side effects.

Pros and Cons


  • Increases muscle mass
  • Promotes healthy sleep and reduces fatigue
  • Affects sex drive positively


  • Some have reported that the product is expensive

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

In terms of our list, TestoFuel contains the fewest ingredients. That is a big selling point for people who are searching for a testosterone booster that has just a few natural ingredients that can improve their health. Nothing goes to waste with this product and everything that is included has been done for a specific reason.

What Causes the Body to Have Low Testosterone?

Considering all of the negative consequences to having low testosterone, you naturally might be searching for the reasons why the body has low testosterone levels to begin with. Low testosterone in men occurs when not enough testosterone is produced by the testes. As you get older, you have a higher chance of suffering from low testosterone. 40% of men over 40 years old have low testosterone.

There are numerous reasons why the body might have low testosterone, including the following:

  • Extreme weight loss
  • Sleep apnea
  • High estrogen levels
  • Obesity
  • Medication
  • Cancer treatment and radiation
  • Trauma

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

If you are wondering whether or not you should take testosterone boosters, it is helpful to know in the first place whether or not your testosterone levels are low. The following are some of the major symptoms you might experience if you have low testosterone levels.

  • Muscle change
  • Memory problems
  • Exhaustion or fatigue
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Weight change
  • Rapid mood changes
  • Low sex drive

Which Benefits Are Provided by Testosterone Booster Supplements?

We have already discussed the benefits that specific products from our list have to offer. However, in general, testosterone boosters offer many long-term benefits.

  • Reduced erectile dysfunction impact
  • Increased libido
  • Improved cognitive ability
  • Strong bone
  • More muscle
  • A healthy heart

What are Natural Ingredients That Boost Testosterone?

When you are searching for the best testosterone booster to take, it is very important for the product to contain the right ingredients. Generally speaking, natural testosterone booster contain many of the same ingredients. However, they contain various amounts and the actual boosters are produced with various patented technologies based on brand.

The following ingredients can be found in most natural boosters:

  • BioPerine
  • Boron
  • Vitamin K
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Ginseng
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin D
  • Nettle Leaf or Nettle Root
  • Magnesium

Do They Actually Work?

Natural testosterone is well-known for being highly effective for people who have used it. However, it is important to note that your overall health needs to be maintained when taking supplements. So, if your exercise, eating, and sleeping habits are not balanced, you may experience lower testosterone levels. The same is true for those who experience high stress levels. If you are using testosterone boosters to increase your testosterone levels, you need to consider these other controllable factors as well.

FAQ’s About Testosterone Boosters

Are testosterone boosters really safe?

Opinions are mixed about whether or not testosterone boosters are actually safe. There are so many products that contain synthetic materials and dangerous preservatives, that many testosterone boosters and supplements increase the risk of developing depression, cancer, and other ailments.
How long does it take for testosterone boosters to work?
The benefit to taking the testosterone boosters that are on our list is that they have no associated side effects and are 100% safe. When searching for a testosterone booster, check out the ingredients contained in our three top products to make sure you are not putting you body at risk.

Are testosterone boosters a type of steroid?

No, they are not.

Testosterone boosters work to help the body regulate hormone levels and produce more testosterone. For example, people with too much estrogen in their bodies can benefit from taking testosterone boosters since they will balance out the ratio between estrogen and testosterone.

On the other hand, steroids are synthetic drugs used for increasing muscle mass, performance, etc. Although the two do function in some similar ways, ultimately, they are very different. That is because natural testosterone boosters are frequently used as a healthier alternative to using steroids since there is a much lower risk to your body’s overall health

How long does it take for testosterone boosters to work?

That is one of the most common questions that we are asked. if you are considering taking a testosterone booster, it is due to the fact that you would like to see results. Most likely you don’t want to have to it for many months before you being to feel the benefits that we have been describing. Fortunately, you can start seeing the effects of a testosterone booster within about three weeks of taking it if you take the recommended dosage.

What should I be looking for in a testosterone booster?

It can be hard to find the ideal booster that meets all of your needs. This is why there are some important things that need to consider before you make your final decision on what to purchase. For example, you need to check out the ingredients list to see whether the amounts of the ingredients that are included are sufficient for your needs. If you would like something that both promotes joint health and boosts your hormones, it might be best to have higher levels of ginseng. The right product will help to increase your body’s nutrient absorption, reduce your chances of developing insulin resistance, and help your blood sugar levels.

It is also a good idea to ensure there are no artificial ingredients in the hormone booster since that is where all of the controversies have been seen regarding side effects and risks. As long as everything is natural, you will be safe.

What is the difference between free testosterone and testosterone?

Testosterone frequently binds itself to your body’s compounds. Those compounds are referred to as SHBG. When these two are bound together, the testosterone is considered to be useless. When ingredients such as those listed in our guide are included, it will reduce the amount of SHGB within your body. That will leave less of this compound for testosterone to bind to, and therefore allow for more testosterone to freely move throughout your system.

Conclusion: Should You Take A Natural Testosterone Booster?

As an increasing number of people are becoming more aware of the negative side effects associated with steroids and synthetic supplements, more people are searching for healthier alternatives. This is where testosterone boosters have been able to prove to be very beneficial.

With help from our readers, we are able to come up with a list of our top three testosterone supplements: Testogen, Prime Male, and TestoFuel.

With these products, consumers have been able to experience numerous health benefits, from increased muscle mass to improved sleep. Whether you are wanting to help make your daily life a bit more manageable or you are wanting to achieve a leaner body, testosterone boosters can provide you with high rewards with virtually no side effects.

So now that you have detailed information on our favorite testosterone boosters, which one will you try first?

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