Volume Pills Review: The Best Natural Supplement for Men?

At the very moment when you’re about to have an orgasm, the rush of a million things may cross your mind- from the length of time you’ve been with your partner, to the size of your penis, to the quality of life you live, and even the amount of cum that you’re about to release at that moment. With that said, your cum isn’t just about the visuals and there’s an actual reason why porn stars blast like a pipe.

When your body produces more cum, you’re able to have a more intense series of orgasms and a better overall sexual performance. In essence, this turns into the rhythmic contractions that are felt by you and your partner during a session. While some people fall all over themselves at the thought of ejaculation, it’s more of a sign of pure, raw sexual passion and can lead to more intense orgasms.

Simply put, it’s a strong sign of virility and masculinity. And if you didn’t already figure this out, it’s a huge turn-on for most, if not all women. Women see this as the ultimate sign that you’re satisfied in bed.

While you’re not able to control your load during sex, your ejaculation prime peaks during your 20’s and significantly decreases when you become older. Ejaculating more than once for the day results in rather watery semen and a lessened ejaculation volume. Many product manufacturers out there realize that men have the strongest desire for more powerful ejaculation.

Volume Pills Review

Is Volume Pills the Only Semen Enhancer?

Whether you’re intending to have a child with your partner or you’re simply craving the pleasure that comes with it, there are healthy ways to increase semen volume. Several products on the market tend to make big claims and fail miserably, leaving users with tons of toxic chemicals in their bodies. The biggest downfall is the some of these products cost you a fortune and they don’t positively change your sex life. That’s why it’s important to read a review before ordering.

By this point, you’re probably asking yourself which works and which does more harm? After personally testing and trying several products on the market, Volume Pills stood out for a number of reasons. Unlike many others, Volume Pills is filled with some of the most natural ingredients, and they’re effective and 100% safe. So before you rush out to buy Volume Pills, read on as we dive into our complete Volume Pills review.

What Are Volume Pills?

Volume Pills is a semen enhancer that provides its users with an exciting new option for cumming more than they previously did, and it boosts their overall sexual performance in bed. The main effect that Volume Pills has on men is it can increase semen volume to over 500% in just a matter of weeks. However, the results are not only seen by how much you ejaculate during sex.

Volume Pills stands out because there are over a million users all around the globe and they’ve had better erections, increased sexual performance, and sustained intense orgasms just from taking this supplement. This product has been on the market for over 10 years and they’re still the most sought out product by men.

Why Take Volume Pills?

Volume Pills increases how much you ejaculate, it improves your erection, and it even drives your libido up. So it just might be the winner for you if you’re looking to boost your semen volume and sexual performance. The most interesting and obvious advantage is that it creates a surging reaction throughout your system while being made of 100% natural ingredients.

In essence, it ensures that more blood flows to your penis, leaving you with firmer and harder erections. While the volume of your semen increases, your orgasms will last for more than just a couple of seconds. This gives you the maximum pleasure that you’re longing for while also working to enhance your semen volume.

Since Volume Pills boosts your overall testosterone levels, your sex drive will also increase. However, even if you feel sexually aroused for just one day, you’ll want to get ahead of this with long hours of sex and several rounds so you can see how Volume Pills works for you. While you’re intending to increase your volume, just remember it isn’t only about you.

Your partner will be ecstatic about the many benefits that they receive from your Volume Pills adventure. It’s more than just a male enhancement supplement. As you climax and your pelvic muscles contract, you’ll be moving with your own natural rhythm. Your partner will notice and enjoy this because every woman loves the feel of stronger contractions and a more excited sexual performance.

Using Volume Pills can give you a new sexual experience and changes your relationship positively. Your sexual performance will also be at the top leaving everyone looking for more. So if you and your partner are interested in having a child, Volume Pills will work its magic and increase the chances of it happening by increasing your semen volume and sperm count.

Besides all of that, Volume Pills will automatically give you a confidence boost as you regain more sexual ability and power than you once had. These benefits leave Volume Pills as one of the leading male enhancement products on the market for so many years.

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How Reliable Are Volume Pills?

Thus far, there are several reasons that leave Volume Pills as one of the most reliable and safest pills on the market. The following should give you a better idea just how reliable using Volume Pills really is:

  • Volume Pills is 100% natural and the side effects are rare.
  • Volume Pills is more affordable and accessible than other options.
  • Volume Pills can be ordered online from anywhere in the world and their most expensive package costs $1 for a single pill.
  • Volume Pills requires users to exert the least amount of effort by taking only a maximum of two pills in a single day.
  • Volume Pills has been tested for over 10 years and has a proven track record and an excellent reputation in every Volume Pills review.
  • The manufacturers pioneered sexual health products for over 15 years. They’ve had other leading products such as ProExtender and Semenax.
  • The ingredients used in Volume Pills are scientifically proven to work as stated on the official website.
  • Users can get a full money-back refund if they’re not satisfied.

How Do Volume Pills Work?

Volume Pills boosts your semen volume as it increases your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the leading hormone in males that stimulates their sex drive and production of semen. When the testosterone levels are higher, men are more likely to be turned on and their semen production will be through the roof.

More than often enough, most people tend to confuse semen and sperm as being the same thing. The sticky fluid released during ejaculation is known as semen. Semen is composed of fluids that are produced by your reproductive glands and sperm cells.

Since Volume Pills increases your natural testosterone levels, you’ll have a higher sperm count along with more fluid and semen volume. It should be noted that pills claiming to increase your sperm count don’t necessarily lead to an increase in stronger ejaculation. Volume Pills contains a mixture of ingredients that allows healthy blood flow to the penis without any negative side effects.

Hence, the penis becomes more sensitive and erections happen more easily. When you use Volume Pills, your orgasm is also impacted for the better. During an orgasm, you’ll feel more contractions on the pelvic floor muscles in your body.

Your first contraction doesn’t leave you seeing cum but the second one does. After the second contraction, less and less cum comes out. This means that the more cum you eject, the longer your orgasm and the more contractions you’ll have. This semen enhancer leaves you having orgasms like never before.

What Are The Ingredients In Volume Pills?

Supplements were made to seem trustworthy, and no matter how legit they may seem, it’s best to always look at the ingredients for yourself. Volume Pills combines several Chinese herbs with zinc for the perfect blend. The following are the ingredients contained in Volume Pills, which can also be found on the official website:

Zinc Gluconate

There is 24 mg of zinc packed into one pill of Volume Pills. This is essential and needed by everyone. Besides its other common functions, zinc promotes sexual health in males so it’s an important part of this product.

When you have an adequate supply of zinc, you’ll have the ability to produce enough semen. It is even known for increasing your fertility health and the mobility of your sperm. Scientific studies have linked zinc deficiency in men to low testosterone and low levels of semen.

Ku Gua

This Asian herb is commonly known as bitter melon and is widely used to treat stomach problems, diabetes, and menstrual irregularities. It even decreases fat while boosting testosterone in men. Ku Gua has also been known to fight against the symptoms of HIV and can decrease other health concerns.


This is one component that stimulates the brain to actively produce more dopamine. Dopamine is the main neurotransmitter that deals with how the brain rewards itself. It increases the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Hence, you’ll be able to experience more pleasure during your orgasm when you take Volume Pills. It even makes your body more responsive and sensitive to another person.


This component allows the body to produce more natural nitric oxide. This, in turn, relaxes the blood vessels and increases blood flow. Drilizen is also used in other medications that are used for diabetes and heart disease. This leaves you with a harder erection as more blood flows to your penis from using this product.

Ling Zhi

Ling Zhi is also known by a popular name Reishi and it’s a type of mushroom that is used in ancient Asian medicine. Due to its many benefits, it’s widely used by Western societies for health. It is also an antioxidant and it increases the libido. Ling Zhi even lowers stress when consumed.

Hong Hua Fen

Hong Hua Fen is better known as safflower, and just like Drilizen, it improves blood circulation. It improves your sex drive while invigorating the blood according to Chinese medicine. Besides rock hard erections, scientific studies suggest that it increases the quality of your sperm and your sperm count.

Xian Mao

Xian Mao is well known and respected Ayurvedic and Chinese herb that is known for fighting infertility and impotency in one go. Most think and praise it as being the most perfect alternative to Viagra. It even reduces the chances of ejaculating too early and it builds your semen levels up for better orgasms that will blow your mind.

Volume Pills also includes other ingredients such as Embilica Officinalis, San Guo Mu, Xi lan rou gui, Dong Chong Xia Cao, 4,5,7 Trihydroxy flavone, Fucus vesiculosus, and Tian men dong, which are natural ingredients that work together to increase semen volume.

Before you buy Volume Pills, make sure that you check with your doctor that there won’t be any negative side effects if you are on other medications.

How Do I take Volume Pills?

Since this product was created as a supplement, it can be taken with water once or twice each day. However, make sure to space the dosing out. This means that you’ll take one in the morning and one in the evening. It should be noted that you can take up to six pills per day without any side effects, but don’t exceed the recommended six or you may have unwanted side effects.

Volume Pills should be taken for up to two months before you can see noticeable results. During your first week, it is advised that you refrain from masturbation and sex as much as you can. After this period, you can do whatever you desire. This is a recommendation from various Volume Pills review write ups as it will make your first orgasm much more intense.

Since your semen is a result of your overall health, you’ll have a better idea of what’s happening internally. Volume Pills is proven to increase your sexual feelings while maintaining a healthier lifestyle. While taking Volume Pills, it is recommended that you get at least eight hours of sleep each night for the ingredients to work their best. It is also recommended that you eat natural whole foods, reduce drinking, and reduce smoking as these can affect how the product works.

What Results Can I Expect From Volume Pills?

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Based on reviews, we’ve learned that just like most pills on the market, everything takes time before you see results. This happens since the ingredients rely on your natural mechanism. In as little as just four weeks, you would have already started to experience a handful of results. But keep in mind that the major benefits come after one month so that is when you should determine if Volume Pills work for you.

Your semen levels will increase as much as 500% and both you and your partner will see the results during your performance when you buy Volume Pills. These Volume Pills will even increase your bedroom game, leaving everyone stunned. Most users have praised Volume Pills because they’ve had the best orgasms of their lives while using it without any negative side effects.

The Volume Pills product also increases the number of times that you ejaculate, the amount, and the period that you do without your semen diluting. So no matter how many times you ejaculate, your semen will have the same quality and it will be potent just like the first time. Additionally, you can also benefit from this supplement because you’ll be able to experience a more sensitive sensation from your penis as volume pills work to heighten your sensitivity.

Can Volume Pills Help With ED Or Penis Length?

The main benefit of Volume Pills is the fact that it increases the volume of your semen. If you’re suffering from other issues, such as ED, or if you’re interested in a longer penis, then various other product options are better suited for your needs. Volume Pills was designed to provide lasting results for its users while increasing their libido. However, this supplement is not a solution for everyone.

Where Can I Order Volume Pills?

Volume Pills has attracted customers from all around the world. Thus far, there are still tons of products that offer the same but don’t actually live up to it. They’re often over prices and low in quality.

So if you’re looking for the real deal, it’s a great idea to head over to the Volume Pills official website and from there. All you need to do is choose your package and it’ll be delivered right to you. There is also a money back guarantee.

What Packages Are Available?

If you’re planning to take two pills each day, there’s a single bottle just for you. The bottle contains a total of 60 pills. However, there are other packages which can be seen below:

Starter (1 month) – retails for $79.95 and can be bought for $65 on the website

Everyday Value (2 months) – retails for $159.90 and can be bought for $110 on the website

Most Popular (3 months) – retails for $239.85 and can be bought for $160 on the website

Gold Package (6 months) – retails for $479.70 and can be bought for $250 on the website

Platinum Package (1 year) – retails for $959.40 and can be bought for $348.95 on the website

If you’re planning to order from the Volume Pills’ website, you’ll receive a special discount no matter what you decide on. So if you order more of the product in the same purchase, you’ll receive a better-discounted amount resulting in higher savings.

What Should I Know About Shipping?

These pills are well sought by customers all around the globe and you can benefit from free shipping if your purchase at least 3 months of product or more. If you’re concerned about your privacy, your package will be shipped in the most discrete way possible and there’s no trace on your credit card so your product purchase will remain discrete.

Can I Get A Refund?

Of course, you can get a refund if you’re not happy with your purchase. If you’re not satisfied and your pills didn’t work, you’ll be able to get a refund. You can even try it for up to 67 days and send the empty bottles back for a full refund.

Final Thoughts

After reading our Volume Pills review, you can see that this product offers promising results for men who are looking to increase their pleasure and semen volume. Volume Pills has been tried and tested, and it remains the number one supplement for increasing your semen volume. It’s even doctor certified and millions of men around the globe have been using it for more than a decade. You can use it once or twice each day and experience results that will leave your astonished.

Volume Pills will increase your libido, and intensify your orgasms. If you’re still wondering if it actually works, you can view many Volume Pills reviews. Each Volume Pills review is overwhelmingly positive and will have you ordering your bottle today.

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